Student Wellbeing and Support Services

Student Wellbeing

In education, wellbeing is important for two reasons. The first is the recognition that schooling should not just be about academic outcomes but that it is about wellbeing of the ‘whole child’; the second is that students who have higher levels of wellbeing tend to have better cognitive outcomes at school.

We also have set up ‘The Hub’ in which students can be referred to for sensory breaks, general breaks or chats with our NACY crew about their wellbeing. We have two student social workers and a psychotherapist who works with us on site.

We also have many initiatives in place at One Tree Hill Primary School to help support student wellbeing. These include social emotional programs such as “Play is the Way” and “What’s the Buzz.” We have a ‘Buddy Bench’ for students who struggle to find and make friends as well as ‘Playground Pals’ who are senior student volunteers to ensure that other students are feeling safe and happy in the yard. This is additional to the yard duty teachers. We have three on at all times who wear yellow hi-vis vests to be easily notifiable.

Student Support Services

Children and young people who need extra help can be referred to the Student Support Services team by their teacher. Student Support Services include social workers, behaviour support coaches, psychologists, special educators, speech pathologists and provide support to children and teachers in state schools and preschools.

If your child’s teacher feels that your child is having difficulties, they may engage with the Student Support Services team regarding these difficulties. Your teacher will discuss this with you and obtain your consent before making a formal request for support for your child. For more information feel free to speak to your class teacher, email the school or click here to visit the Department for Education webpage.

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