School Time and Calendar

School Times

8:30am                         Teacher is on duty

8:40am                         Teachers unlock classroom doors

850am-9:00am             Morning Circle Time

10:30-10:40am             Brain Break

11:20:1130am               Supervised eating time in                                                                                        classrooms

11:30am-12:00pm         Lunch Play time

1:50pm-2:10pm             Recess     

  2:00pm-2:10pm           Afternoon Circle Time                   

3:00pm                          End of the school day

**With the exception of the last day of each term, when school finishes at 2:00pm
Any child left after 3:20, admin will call parents. If this is a reoccurrence, then we ask for your child to be enrolled at OHSC

Term Dates

Term 1 – 27 Jan to 9 Apr 
Term 2 – 27 Apr to 2 Jul 
Term 3 – 19 Jul to 24 Sep
Term 4 – 11 Oct to 10 Dec