Boys Summer School Uniform

Uniform Requirements

One Tree Hill Primary School is proud of the School Uniform. The wearing of the school uniform:

  • Helps to develop the school identity allowing students to gain a sense of being part of the school community.
  • Helps to identify students when they are out of school on excursion.
  • Means that there is no competition between students and looks neat and tidy.
  • Ensures the health and safety of students.
It is expected that all students will be in uniform or wearing the School Colours of bottle green and gold. Girls Dress
  • Jacket                                        Bottle Green
  • Windcheaters                              Bottle Green with logo
  • Rugby Tops                                 Bottle Green and Gold
  • Polo Shirts                                  Gold or Bottle Green
  • Track & Cargo Pants                    Bottle Green
  • Cargo and Rugby Knit Shorts        Bottle Green
  • Skorts                                        Bottle Green
  • Dress                                         Green and Yellow Check as shown
  • Hats                                           Wide brimmed, beanie, foreign legion or bucket or beanie

Sun safe hats must be worn between end of August and beginning of May and on days of high UV ratings for all outside activity. Students not wearing their hats will be designated to the shady area near the Resource Centre and thus be restricted in their play.

Sneakers should be worn for sporting activities.

The Governing Council deems the following clothing unsuitable:

  • Tank tops, netball skirts and thongs
  • Clothing with inappropriate messages, brand names or logos
In addition,
  • Students may wear only simple stud or sleeper ear-rings. No facial piercings.
  • Clear nail polish may be worn only and no makeup or glitter.
  • Lip protection cream needs to be clear only.
  • Only Medic Alert bracelets or pendants may be worn.
  • Hair needs to be neat, tidy and appropriately styled for primary school.
Student wearing inappropriate clothing will be supplied with a school uniform for the day. Students wearing coloured nail polish, make-up or inappropriate ear-rings will be asked to go to the Front Office and remove it.

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